over the years i have done quite a few houses and homes, in some i have explored the nature of geometry, in others the elegance of MODERN, in a few the raw nature of materials, in others the simplicity of lines. no matter the nature of project i always pursued what could be imagined and what lies beyond the surfaces. 


My wife and partner opened my world to art, paintings of  el lissitzky  and  Popova  spoke to me more than architecture ever could, this house has hints of that addiction. built of precast concrete larger portions of the house are left raw, lines and planes compose the volumes. like the man that owns it it is crisp, clear, clean, and raw.  click the link below to see it's architecture  

RH 21

Designed for an even interesting architecture the monolith roof unwinds itself on to the stairs and as light source, the wood twists and turns like the starry sky of Van gogh.  click the link below to see it's architecture   


with in the boundaries of vastu and conventionalism lies a world of opportunities, to create art, sculpture and space.  volumes project and twist int his house where in i tried to balance angular and the perpendicular. click the link below to see it's architecture   


composed of angular lines and screens, this house built in a tight residential plot for my childhood friend has been a big part of my discussions with deepi and eventually my inclination towards art. the interiors like some of my earlier work are quirky with angular likes, inclined planes and sloping surface. what makes it interesting is my attempt to understand non linear geometry has taken a serious turn since this.